Bondage Week Wrap-Up

June 20, 2009

Well today is the last day of Bondage Week.  It’s been fun!  I hope you enjoyed it.

I wanted to write a wrap-up for the week and reiterate why it was important for me to do this event.

If you were to announce to someone that you were “into BDSM,” they would either be A) way into it or B) freaked out.  It’s the people that get “freaked out” that this was for.  Typically I have found that people are only weirded out by BDSM because they haven’t actually learned about it.  They have heard fantastical stories about people who like the shit kicked out of them and immediately write it off as bizarre.

Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion.  But for someone to use something like BDSM as a weapon to verbally attack or embarrass a person or persons, then I take issue.

Recently David Carradine was in the media after his sad death.  The things I heard in the wake were so upsetting.  People were telling me, of all people, “Wow I bet you have to deal with freaks like that all the time!

He wasn’t a freak.  And people that are into BDSM aren’t freaks.  Because BDSM isn’t freakish.

The very core of bondage is pleasure. It is about making someone else feel good, making yourself feel good, experimenting and trying new things.  It’s not about breaking people’s legs.  It’s about being happy.  That’s why it bothers me when people talk down about it.  You’re talking down about something that people use to make themselves happy when you have no idea what it even entails.

One of the reasons I started this site in the first place was to encourage people to explore their own personal sexuality in a safe, fun, uninhibited way.  I hope that some or all of the posts from Bondage Week gave you some insight into the possibilities of your sexual practices.

No matter how you choose to have sex remember to play safe and creatively, but most importantly — remember to play.

Bondage Essentials #7: Attire & Attitude

June 20, 2009

Congratulations!  You’ve made it through Bondage Week!  But before we wrap it up, we’ve got one more little chit chat to have about dressing up and acting the part.

Keep reading for some information on why dressing up and attitude are important to your role playing and basic core sexual energy.

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Bondage Essentials #6: Skin Stimulants

June 20, 2009

You are almost there, my little BDSM monkey in training!  You have the equipment you need to keep someone in their place, now how do you pleasure them in an equally kinky fashion?

Keep reading to see how you can stimulate your partner in several fun ways!

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Bondage Essentials #5: Restraints

June 19, 2009


Ok, anyone who has seen Basic Instinct knows that being tied down can be uber sexy.  It can also get you stabbed 51 times with an ice pick.  It’s a gamble that is worth taking!

Keep reading to learn about the restraint options available to you!

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Bondage Essentials #4: Blindfolds

June 18, 2009
How can something as simple as not being able to see enhance your bedside manner? How many different types of blindfolds could there be?

Keep reading to see how good things come to those who can’t see them coming.

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Bondage Essentials #3: Buttplugs & Ballstretchers

June 18, 2009
What does a buttplug do? And what does a ball stretcher do? And what the HELL is Cock and Ball Torture and why would anybody want to do THAT?!

Keep reading to see what these two tricks of the trade are all about and how they can help get your bondage play crackin’!

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Bondage Essentials #2: Nipple Clamps

June 18, 2009
Tit Torture? It’s nowhere near as bad as it sounds (well…it doesn’t have to be anyway..)

Keep reading to learn about your savory teat and what they have to offer you in the bedroom.

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