Brandon B. joins The Darling House

300 years ago when I was born I never dreamed that I would have such amazing people and projects filling my life. I also thought I’d never have sex with Brad Pitt (it totally happened last night in my dream. I’m not joking).

I am excited to announce that I am officially a member of The Darling House. Darling House is a live salon chronicling the erotic renaissance and I am basically the head gay supreme of the posse. Haters gonna hate.

So what does this mean? Coming soon you will find tons of live content including photos, videos, live cams, and other fun artsy business. All for free and a lot of it including my smooth sexy body.

The launch will be soon but I wanted to announce all this now because tomorrow at Beauty Bar in New York City we are holding a fund raiser for Burning Angel model Jessie Lee. Poor Jessie was hurt badly in a car accident and we are rallying behind her to help pay some of her hospital bills by selling some beautiful erotic photos by 20 amazing photographers, showcasing some sexy live acts, holding a raffle, and plus I’ll be there getting tipsy and asking people to touch my hair. Oh and a portion of the bar goes to Jessie’s fund, so yeah I’ll probably contribute most of that. It goes from 8-11, so come out and meet the other darlings.

Hope to see you there!

-Brandon B.

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