Njoy Pure Wand Review

njoy_purewandLast night’s oral sex workshop with Nina Hartley was a blast!  She said that she will need a volunteer to drop trou tonight for her spanking workshop so I volunteered.  If you’re in New York and want to see my pale ass come on over.

One of the highlights of the oral sex workshop was when she mentioned one of my all time favorite toys.  I have been holding off on reviewing it officially because I wanted to save it for a special occassion.  So with Nina’s blessing, I want to introduce you to one of my all time favorite butt toys — the Pure Wand.

I sometimes have trouble reviewing the toys that I think are amazing without it sounding too pornographic.  I also don’t like to say things like “this is the only butt toy you will ever need” because there are so many different types and they all feel so unique, but let’s say you could only afford to buy one butt toy ever — I would say go with the Pure Wand.

Njoy is responsible for the pleasurable beast.  They are also the ones behind the excellent Pure Plugs and the Pfun Plug.  Like all of their toys, the Pure Wand is made of 100% medical grade stainless steel and will last a lifetime.

There is a funny story behind my Pure Wand.  The first night I used it I was actually supposed to be having sex with a human.  This doctor that I was talking to at the time was going to call me and we were to bump the proverbial uglies later that evening…and he totally stood me up.  Enraged and horny as hell, I decided to call in reinforcements.  Enter: Pure Wand.  Let’s just say I went to bed with a smile and didn’t have to key his car.  And incidentally, I named my Pure Wand “Doctor“.  Man maybe this is TMI…ah well.

The Pure Wand has two rounded, blunt ends.  One end is notably smaller than the other, and this is an excellent place to start if you are just starting out with butt toys.  A little bit of lube on the small end of this guy and it slides in with ease.

Due to the heaviness and smoothness of the Pure Wand, you can really explore the inside of your body in a way that no other toy allows for.  It’s a really hard sensation to describe, but it is intense and very satisfying.  This toy is excellent for people that feel like they are having trouble finding their prostates.  The Pure Wand will find it easily, every time.

To use the business end requires a slightly more trained ass.  Like all toys it requires a slow and steady pace when you first insert it.  Ease it in, take your time, let your butt decide when it’s ready.  Below is actual footage of the first time I used the larger end of the Pure Wand:


Once you insert the wand you literally just jack it off while you jack yourself off.  You can twist it sideways so that your thigh moves it if you don’t feel like holding it.  Really anything you do with it will feel good.  And for my female readers, I am told the same is true of the Pure Wand for G-spot stimulation (for all you guys scratching your head, that’s the happy spot inside girls.  I know, barf.)

(Kidding, ladies!)

So this isn’t so much of a review as it is a testimonial.  The Pure Wand is excellent for prostate play and great if you can’t find your prostate.  Save your rubels, it’s about $110, but it will last a lifetime and get you off everytime!

Njoy Pure Wand can now be purchased from our discreet online store at SexToy.com.  It is also currently being carried here in New York at The Pleasure Chest. Don’t forget your coupon!

For more reviews on prostate toys, please click Anal Toys at the top of the page.

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