Njoy Pure Plug Review

pureplugAfter giving the Pfun Plug a try, I decided to try something else from the Njoy line.  I wanted something that was less fussy but still shiny and nice, and so I picked up the Pure Plug.  The small one was way too small for my personal preference, and my co-worker told me that they had the large size and thought that it was too much work to insert, so I picked up the medium size hoping that it would be juuuust right!

Like the Pfun Plug, the Pure Plug is made from 100% medical-grade stainless steel, and thus can be used with any lubricant and will last a life time, so long as you don’t go dropping it in the garbage disposal or anything.  It has a severely tapered base, and so I was assuming that it would stay in with little effort.

I applied a little bit of lube to the tip and inserted it, and found that it went in very easily.  Once you get the head in, you can feel your ass pull it up inside of you and lock it in place.  Nice!

I moved around a bit to see if it would stay in, and when I was satisfied with the results I put my clothes back on and decided to go get some food.  If you’ve never worn a plug in public, give it a try!  It’s a nice little treat every once in a while when you move the right way and it’s just plain fun to order a taco from San Loco knowing the whole time what you’re hiding.  Or maybe that’s just me…but I doubt it!

Not only did the plug stay in hands-free, the handle at the base was nestled safely within my ass cheeks so I could sit down without making a loud CLUNK sound on the subway.  That would be interesting though, maybe I will have to try sitting in certain ways to get that sound to happen so I can pretend to be oblivious to it.

It’s even safe to wear without fear of slippage while penetrating a partner.  The trusting motions of my hips gave my prostate a nice tease without being too strong.  I enjoy the Aneros, but I can see how some people might think that they are over kill, and in that case I’d suggest this lil guy.

On that note — the stimulation from this particular toy was very mild.  I’m the kinda guy that likes a more intense sensation, but some people really just prefer a little something to spice things up.  In that case, you should get one of these!  It’s not a purely peaceful creature though — when I climaxed I could feel every single contraction pulling the plug up deeper inside of me, and man.  Man oh man.  Good times!  I can’t imagine what the large size must feel like, but I think I might find out someday soon!

The Pure Plug is a great little guy to wear throughout your day or to use to loosen yourself up for a partner, toy, or even to top someone else.  I’d give it two thumbs up for what it does, and although they are a bit pricey at $65ish, for a toy that will last you a lifetime it’s a great investment!

Njoy Pure Plug is currently being carried here in New York at The Pleasure Chest. Don’t forget your coupon!

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2 Responses to Njoy Pure Plug Review

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