Aneros Helix

Aneros HelixWhen I first read about what the Aneros toys were capable of, I was intrigued. When I went to look at them though, they seemed so small. I couldn’t wrap my head around how they actually managed to make you have “mind blowing orgasms”. I decided to buy a Helix to review it anyway to see if it actually worked. And yes. Yes it did.

I was extra eager to review this toy because it was actually designed by physicians. In my mind, that means they know what the male anatomy looks like, what makes it feel good, and thus what toys need to look like in order to blow a man away.

There are several different models of the Aneros out on the market today. The model that is hailed as the beginner model is the Helix. They call it the beginner model because it is universally the easiest one for almost everyone to yield immediate results from.

The Aneros isn’t like your standard dildo which is meant to be moved in and out of your body. It is much more like a butt plug in that it is meant to just sit within the anus. Most prostate toys have a curve at the tip to help hit the prostate gland, which is where all the magic happens for men, however the Aneros is slightly different.

Upon examining the head of the Helix I saw that there were a series of very minor, odd shaped curves and dips. The Helix is different from butt plugs in that it is meant to massage the prostate gland rather than put direct pressure on it. And who doesn’t like a good massage! I sure do, so I decided to play with it right when I got home.

I added a little bit of lube to it before inserting it. You don’t really need a whole lot of lube, and it doesn’t matter what type you use because the toy is made of medical grade non-porous plastic. I found that it was very easy to insert and as soon as it was all the way in I could already tell it had met my prostate. A very mild sensation, but it was there. Also I was impressed that it stayed in without me having to hold it in. Already I was thinking of all the things I could do while wearing my Helix.

The instructions tell you to lay on your side with your knee up to your chest. It suggests you relax and slow your breathing. I did all of that, and the whole time I felt like I was in over my head. I mean let’s face it, I don’t know too many gents that masturbate on their sides. After you are relaxed and in the zone you are supposed to contract and release your rectal muscles to move the piece without using your hands. This proved slightly difficult for me because the piece didn’t seem to be moving much. After a few minutes of this I admit that I was guilty of being impatient and started to maneuver it with my hands so that I could masturbate properly.

I came back to it the next time I was ready to give it a go and decided to be patient this time and not use my hands. The Helix is ultimately an exercise for your ass muscles, and no exercise is easy at first, right?

I found that the second round with the Helix was a lot more enjoyable. And by a lot I mean that I was surprised by what was happening. As the toy massaged my prostate gland I felt myself grow more and more sensitive. My contractions began to make me gasp slightly. The Helix also has a perineum tab that felt great after a while. I decided to roll over onto all fours and I found that the Helix seemed to move even more in that position. As the Helix massaged my prostate with my contractions getting faster and faster, I eventually had that very specific, mind-blowing prostate orgasm that I hope everyone experiences someday.

All in all I’d say that I can understand how the Helix might be a little hard to pick up and start using with any regularity at first, but I encourage people to keep at it! It is a bit pricey ($79 on the low end), but they are durable and will last a lifetime if treated properly. This would also be a great toy for a man (gay or straight) to wear while penetrating their partner because the natural thrusting motions that you’d go through would really hit the spot, so to speak.

Now that I have been using my Helix for so long, I am able to use some of their advanced models that produce a range of other sensations. I wouldn’t say that the Helix is something I would use all the time now because I feel like I have out-grown it, the same way you no longer need lighter weights when you are weight training, but thanks to it I feel that I have a lot more control over my ass during sex these days. It’s an amazingly noticeable difference from before. It’s a very specific feeling that is kinda hard to describe, but to break it down: If my ass were to arm wrestle you, my ass would win!

ANEROS HELIX can now be purchased from our discreet online store at SexToyFun!

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